Ayre with UriBy SalmaTraditional Bangladeshi Ayre fish cooked with Uri- simply delicious and served with plain white basmati rice.
Condensed Milk KheerBy SalmaKheer with condensed milk, whole milk and water. There are different ways of making kheer for this recipe, I have used condensed milk to get the required sweetness and thickness. This is a very simple recipe and perfect for beginners too. This recipe is passed on to me by my mother.
Chicken PilauBy SalmaBangladeshi Chicken Akhni. For this recipe I have used boneless chicken pieces cooked separately in a delicious masala base then I finally combined them with rice which is fried in ghee before cooking it fully with hot boiled water. This recipe was inspired by my Mum's Chicken Akni.
Jeera RiceBy SalmaJeera rice is a pilau rice dish consisting of rice, cumin seeds and cumin powder. This cumin flavoured rice is simply perfect to go with any meat or vegetarian dishes.
Chana MasalaBy SalmaChana Masala also known Chole Masala - delicious vegetarian chickpea curry full of flavours. It can be served as a main meal or a side dish. This can be eaten with rice, naan, poori or plain pilau rice.
Bangladeshi Roast ChickenBy SalmaTraditional Bengali Style Roast Chicken, usually cooked for special occasions during family dinner invites, Eid celebrations, weddings and many more.
Besan LaddoBy SalmaBesan Ladoo are delicious Indian sweets made with gram flour, caster sugar, roasted nuts, cardamom powder & ghee.
ShemaiBy SalmaShemai is a traditional Bangladeshi dessert made with roasted vermicelli, aroma of whole spices and sugar. This can be served on its own or with plain paratha.
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