Naga NibletsBy SalmaMouthwatering chicken niblets, perfect for snack platter. These niblets are lightly spiced then coated in naga sauce for a fiery flavour.
Mixed Grill PlatterBy SalmaMixed grill, variety of meats, chicken niblets, mutton chops and boneless chicken pieces marinated and grilled. This is then served on a large tray with naga sauce and lemon wedges.
Chana ChurBy SalmaBangladeshi mouthwatering snack, spicy Chana Chur/Bombay Mix. This is a popular street food in Bangladeshi and it has to be one of my favourite snacks too.
Chicken TikkaBy SalmaMouthwatering chicken tikka pieces, marinated with spices and Patak's tikka marinade then finally baked in the oven using skewers. These delicious pieces can be served inside a wrap or on its own with salad and your favourite dip.
Lamb KebabsBy SalmaDelicious Bangladeshi style lamb kebabs, recipe inspired by my mother. Lamb mince is marinated with turmeric, cumin, curry powder, onions, salt, garlic, ginger, green chilies and fresh coriander. These are then made into small patties and shallow fried until they're cooked. These mouth-watering kebabs then can be served with your favourite dip as a starter or served inside pitta bread with your favourite salad.
Mutton BhunaBy SalmaTraditional Bangladeshi Bhuna recipe, the meat is slowly cooked in onions with salt, whole spices and salt until fully tender before adding in the spices which adds to the richness of the curry.
Lamb SamosasBy SalmaDelicious pastry triangles filled with mouthwatering spiced lamb mince. These make great snacks for parties or family gatherings. You can use use this same method and use beef mince instead. This recipe is inspired by my lovely mother.
Chicken SamosasBy SalmaDelicious pastry triangles filled with spiced shredded chicken and potatoes. This is perfect as a starter or snack.
Vegetable SamosasBy SalmaTriangular shaped pastries made with mixed spiced vegetables. These can be deep fried or brushed with oil then air fried or baked in the oven. These are perfect as a starter or snack.
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