About Me

My name is Salma, I am a British Bangladeshi living in the South East of England in the UK. I am a mother of four, a cover teacher and a part-time food blogger. So, basically three jobs! I also care and cook for my mother-in-law. When I am not busy doing these things, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends. I would say my main hobby is cooking as I definitely see it as more of a “fun” thing than a “work” or “responsibility” thing. Even my other hobbies are related to cooking as I love indulging in buying new sets of colourful dishes and I love taking stylistic snaps of food (whether it be my own or not). I have so much passion for food and cooking but surprisingly, I wasn’t always that way.

When I got married, I didn’t have the slightest idea of how to cook. I used to call my mum and she used to teach me over the phone how to cook certain dishes. Although she helped me, I struggled with the measurements as my mum used to tell me to estimate with the amount of spices I should add and of course, estimating can be uncertain. So after plenty of testing and trialling, I managed to determine my own measurements which optimised the taste of my dishes. As time went by, I learnt to cook many traditional dishes which garnered the compliments of family and friends.

With this knowledge and skill, I realised I wanted to help others who may be in my position and who may not have the help that my mother provided for me.

I started off on Facebook in 2011 by blogging my recipes and steadily the page began to gain traction. As my popularity increased, I expanded my recipe sharing to Instagram in 2015. Throughout these years, I have helped people who were in my position of struggling to cook, especially with traditional Bangladeshi dishes. I always feel proud when receiving messages of people, from a variety of backgrounds, thanking me, telling me how I have aided them. I’ve grown to love cooking so much over the years and I greatly enjoy being able to share my recipes with others.



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