Mixed Vegetable PilauBy SalmaOne pot of simple pilau rice, fragranced with whole spices and cumin powder. Cooked with mixed vegetables.
Chicken Tikka BiryaniBy SalmaChicken Tikka pieces cooked in a delicious biryani masala, layered with basmati rice then finally garnished with whole chillies, coriander and fried onions.
Ayre with KudoBy SalmaBangladeshi Ayre fish pieces fried and cooked in spices with Kodu, also known as bottle gourd. This is a traditional fish dish and is delicious once served with plain white basmati rice.
King Prawn BiryaniBy SalmaMouthwatering King Prawn Biryani. King Prawns cooked in biryani masala packed with aromatic spices then layered with rice and simmered slowly.
Chicken JalfreziBy SalmaChicken Jalfrezi, boneless chicken pieces cooked in a delicious thick spicy sauce with peppers and tomatoes.
Butter ChickenBy SalmaMurgh Makhani, boneless chicken pieces packed with flavours in a rich creamy spiced curry sauce.
Strawberry MocktailBy SalmaDelicious strawberry mocktail made with fresh strawberry syrup, fresh lime juice, fresh mint leaves and Sprite. Perfect for summer and family gatherings.
Cheese BallsBy SalmaDelicious lightly spiced mashed potato stuffed with cheese in the middle. These are then coated in golden bread crumbs, deep fried until nice and crispy then finally served hot with a nice dip.
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