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Alo Chatni

Bangladeshi Alo/Potato Chatni, also known as Alo Bortha in Bengali, this is made with grilled mashed potatoes, dry roast chillies, fresh coriander, onions, salt and mustard oil. This is a mouthwatering recipe passed on to me from my mother. This is perfect on its own or as a side dish with any other meat dishes.

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Lamb Bhuna

Traditional Bangladeshi Lamb Bhuna recipe, the meat is slowly cooked in onions with salt and whole spices until fully tender before adding in the spices, which adds to the richness of the curry.

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Mutton Akhni

Bangladeshi Akhni with mutton meat, this Akni dish is a authentic rice dish with a combination of Meat Bhuna and Rice. This is perfect served with Bangladeshi style salad. I learnt this recipe from my mother. My mum used to always make this for us during special occasions and so I have many good memories attached to this recipe.

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Boroi Tenga

Bangladeshi classic sour fish curry using Boroi, also known as Jujube, one of the popular fruits in Bangladesh. Jujube can be eaten fresh too. For this recipe I have used sun dried Jujube and made this delicious sour curry using Bangladeshi Ayre fish. Tenga curry is perfect for summer days and I am sure you will find my step by step recipe very easy to follow.

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