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Sweet coconut in a soft, crispy, thin homemade pastry. This is traditionally served as nashta as a welcome snack in Bangladeshi households for special occasions. This is specially served along with other snacks during Eid. They are made using fresh or frozen grated coconut in sugar syrup on low heat until the mixture is completely dry and then used to fill the pastry. I learnt this recipe from my mother and I have so many good memories attached to these, as Eid was not the same without these at my mum’s house.

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Handesh: Traditional rice flour & date mollases snack. This is very popular during Eid! This is my mother’s recipe. There are different ways of making these- some people prefer to use sugar but for me it has to be handesh made with mollases. This snack bring backs good memories from Eid days with my parents and siblings. I remember my mum used to make them fresh for us when my dad came home from his Eid prayers. This can also be teared into small pieces and served in hot milk.

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Nunor Bora

Nunor Bora: Bangladeshi deep fried savoury bites. These are one of my all time favourite snacks which we as a family enjoy all throughout the year. This is a staple dish during Eid and Eid would not be the same without these delicious bites. These are made with ground rice flour, plain rice flour, ginger & salt. It is a long process to make these but I hope my recipe will make your experience much easier. Again this recipe is passed on to me from my lovely mother.

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