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Yields4 ServingsPrep Time10 minsCook Time20 minsTotal Time30 mins

Shemai is a traditional Bangladeshi dessert made with roasted vermicelli, aroma of whole spices and sugar. This can be served on its own or with plain paratha.

 4 cups Whole Milk
 200 g Vermicelli
 ½ tbsp Ghee/Clarifed Butter
 ½ cup Granulated white sugar
 2 Cardamom pods
 2 sticks Cinnamon
 2 Bayleaves

These are the ingredients I used but you can adjust the sugar to your choice.


I only used half a packet.


In a non stick pan, add 1/2 tablespoon of ghee.

If you don't have ghee, you can also make this with butter.


Let the ghee melt on high heat.


Break the strands of vermicelli in half and add it to the ghee.


Fry this on medium-low heat by stirring. Be careful to not burn it.


Once all the strands are lightly fried evenly, take it out the pot and place in a bowl. Keep this aside.


You will make the dessert in the same pot now.


Add in 4 & 1/2 cups of milk- I used measuring cups. If you don't have any measuring cups, then use a standard tea mug as the measurement is very similar.


Add in the whole spices as this gives the dish a nice aroma.

Put the gas up and bring this to boiling point- keep an eye, otherwise you'll have a big mess to clear! Once it comes to boiling point, put the gas down and let this boil for 5-6 minutes on low heat.


Add in the sugar after 5-6 minutes.


Mix the sugar in and cook this for a good few minutes so the sugar melts. Sugar can be adjusted to your taste so you can taste and add more if you like.

You can also add some raisins or desiccated coconut at this stage if you like.


Add in the fried vermicelli.


Slightly put the gas up and mix this in. Cook on medium-low heat. Adjust heat if required and keep an eye.

I like adding a generous amount of milk as the dessert evaporates quickly once you turn the heat off. It may look runny now but by the time you serve this, you will realise it has dried up quite a bit.


Cook for 5-6 minutes and then turn the heat off.


All done!


Serve hot with plain paratha for your delicious dessert!

Nutrition Facts

Servings 4